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The Portugal government published Law No. 19 on April 14, 2014 which defines the basis for their country’s environmental policy. This law is designed to realise environmental rights through the promotion of sustainable development. All efforts are directed to the proper management of the environment, development of low-carbon society and efficient use of natural resources. Numerous resources are made available to promote environmental awareness in the country. Portugal is now progressing in environment awareness to realise the goal of green economy and improvement of the quality of life of its citizens.

Actions were taken to increase environmental awareness through citizen education. Public participation in environmental matters is encouraged. Education and awareness efforts target all sector or society. Environmental education and awareness activities include basic education programmes in schools, adult and community education, education programmes for professional and technical people. Mainstream media and digital media are also utilised for awareness raising campaigns.

To protect the Portuguese people’s cultural heritage, defend nature and the environment, preserve natural resources, the government has been funding environmental protection projects and implementing structural changes in industrial modernisation through restructuring of land use. To ensure correct town and country planning there’s been a decline in urbanisation of agricultural land and coastal areas. Proper use of natural resources is promoted and anti-pollution campaigns through proper waste management and recycling are enforced. They learned that waste is a serious national environmental concern that must be dealt with urgently. Portugal established appropriate legislative framework for waste management and recycling. There was also an initiative on regulated dumps and sorting centres for urban waste. Different measures were taken to improve the management of industrial waste. Voluntary agreements on paper and cardboard recycling  were made with encouraging results.

Environmental awareness, training and information efforts were made between the government, companies and the public to ensure environmental policies are successfully integrated.  Environmental awareness and education is a continuous priority of the Portuguese government. Environmental protection associations, industry and unions are strengthened to help the government in its efforts to protect the environment. Regionalisation efforts were made involving the public through different participation activities.

The control of atmospheric pollution is progressing in Portugal. There is a low total volume of atmospheric emission and general good air quality in the country. The adoption of European Community legislation helps the air pollution control efforts of the government. The efforts to modernise the public transport is the first step toward less-polluting forms of mass transport. The pollution abatement investment made by the government encourages the development of less polluting facilities and cost-effective pollution control techniques which is good for the environment.

The success of Portugal’s environmental policy relies on public awareness and commitment. The government followed the following guidelines  to attain sustainable development.

  • Integrating environment and development;
  • Developing economic aspects of environmental policies;
  • Evaluation of sectoral policies in environmental terms;
  • Joint responsibility, participation, and environmental education;
  • Strengthening institutions and capacity building.

Portugal took the dual approach of environmental promotion and legislation for environmental development and improved quality of life of its citizens.