Promoting Portugal: Products Like Pens Persist

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Portugal is one of the major destinations for visitors in Europe. Located in the Atlantic coast, Portugal is brimming with culture and ideal tourist destination for business or leisure. Marvel the abundance in nature or the vibrance of its culture Portugal has a lot to offer for thrill seekers, social butterfly and nature lovers. The country boasts of charming locations drawing visitors from all over the world to this picturesque country. Traveling to different places in Portugal is easy because of its excellent public transport system and navigable paved streets. Whether you want to visit the beaches of Algarve or the bustling city atmospheres of Lisbon and Porto, there is something that will meet your preference.

Tourism  is a massive industry in Portugal, with local destinations and operators competing to showcase their place and capture part of the lucrative tourism market. Major tourist destinations include Algarve, Greater Lisbon, Coimbra, Portuguese Island, Alentejo, Greater Porto and Northern Portugal. Tourism in Portugal  greatly contributes to the Portuguese economy because of its capacity for job creation and wealth generation. Tourism is currently experiencing a boom, thanks to the government and tourism stakeholders working hand in hand to developing this sector. To raise more revenues, infrastructures and human resources have been launched in major tourism zones. New high quality destinations are on the rise such as the Oeste Zone, Porto Santo, Douro and Litoral  Alentejano  area, as a result of government and business community initiative.

The government through Turismo de Portugal is now promoting Portugal digitally in social media and other digital platforms.However, traditional methods of promotions are still being used to promote Portugal to the world. For operators in the Travel and Tourism industry, using promotional products is a vital part of connecting with visitors. It’s no wonder quality promotional pens persist. Portugal is right next door to where the ancient writing instrument quill pen was invented. Quill pen first appeared in Seville Spain which is Portugal’s closest neighbour.

Travel and tourism promotional products like pens are perfect for promoting  the country and getting the message out to the large number of visitors who travel all over the world. Giving away quality promotional pens as a souvenir is a great way to say thanks to the visitors. These pens are most likely be kept because it will remind visitors of their Portuguese experience.  Giving away pens as gifts keep Portugal in visitors mind whenever they see it. Tourism promotion using promotional pens might be a little gesture but it strengthens the country’s image on the visitors mind.