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Traveling enriches one’s life, it is where we experience different cultures, appreciate beautiful landscapes and relax as we savour our travel experience. Nothing should not stop people from traveling, not even disability. People with disabilities or reduced mobility should have the same opportunity to travel around the world as the rest of the population. Accessibility of transportation, accommodation, places to visit and to take their meals will make travelling experience more pleasant for them. We know that the accessible visitors need more information, that’s why we prepared a list of information and resources for disability travel in Portugal. While planning your trip, we suggest you obtain detailed information about the things and services you need.

In Portugal, people with disability are classified by the type of deficit they have: hearing impairment,  visual loss, motor impairment, cerebral palsy, health mental problems, and other impairments.

Visit Portugal – Accessibility in Portugal
Visit Portugal website gives information and advice about access, assistance and accessible transport for your journey and stay in Portugal. This is practically useful if you want to learn more about Portugal from accommodation, communications, cost of living, driving, duty and tax-free exemptions, electricity, electronic tolls, entry formalities, entry of pets, health, meals, money, official time, public and school holidays, services, smoking in public places, tax-free or VAT reimbursement, transports, useful phone numbers in Portugal to weight and measures.

Portugal Acessível / Associação Salvador 
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 14, 9º 1050-121 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 318 48 51 - Fax: +351 21 357 22 60
This is a national reference guide that provides information about physical accessibility in different types of spaces in Portugal to enable interaction and exchange of experiences between people with motor disabilities and the community.  You can find information about accommodation, culture and leisure, beaches, restaurants, health services, transports, disability services for adults, children and other useful services.

Country Reports Travel Edition – Disability Access in Portugal
Accessibility and accommodation for people with disability is different in Portugal compared with other countries. This website gives information about public transportation in Portugal.

This is a resource dedicated to accessible travel information. They have a comprehensive listing of accessible travel specialist from around the world that specialises in disability travel from travel agents, tour operators, adventure companions, home exchanges and access guides for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems.

Frommers - Tips for travellers with disabilities
Portugal has many hills and endless flights of stairs, people with disability might have difficulty getting around the country. This website gives tips for visitors with disabilities to maximise their Portuguese travel experience.

Accessible Portugal
Accessible Portugal is a travel agency, tour operator and tourist entertainment company, devoted to a personalized service to people with disability. They offer a variety of tours including theme tours, adventure tours such as tandem sky diving, hot air ballooning, as well as renting manual wheelchairs, walkers, lifts, electric scooters, and accessible transportation.

Enable Holidays – Disabled Holidays Specialist
Enable Holidays specialises on disabled holidays. They can help you find, plan and arrange a holiday to suit your needs so you don’t have to worry about anything , just enjoy your holiday experience. Each resort, hotel and apartment featured in their brochure has been carefully assessed to ensure it is accessible and suitable for travellers with disability and mobility impairments.

AngloInfo - Portugal
AngloInfo provides travel and parking information for people with disabilities. Find out information about travelling options and how to use the “blue badge” disability parking permits and more on this site.

Disabled Holidays
Disabled Holidays is a helpful resource if you’re planning a holiday in Portugal. They have a list of disable friendly accommodation for different holiday types per location. You can also find information about insurance, mobility equipment hire, flights and airport assistance and adapted transfers on their site.

Come to Portugal
Come to Portugal is your gateway to Portugal and Algarve. They have helpful tips for people with disability from aid airports, disabled parking, public transport, rail travel and beach information. They have a list of accessible beaches in Portugal with amphibious chairs for people with reduces mobility and disability to enjoy bathing in the sea.