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Centro de Osteopatia
Maçãs Place Rua do Mindelo, 22 | Praia das Maçãs 2705-314 Colares | Sintra
Tel: 96 238 46 49
Centro de Osteopatia has 10 years of experience with Osteopathy in Portugal. They help restore structural balance, improve joint mobility and reduce constraints of the soft tissue so that movement and performance can be restored. Their osteopaths are registered in the General Osteopathic Council or British Osteopathic Association and simultaneously registered in Portugal. They offer personalized service through multidisciplinary approach to promote adequate health care to all.

Osteopatia Cascais
Av. N. Senhora Rosário, 1212 2750-178 Cascais
Tel: 351 21 482 68 60
Osteopatia Cascai provides personalized treatment which is customised according to each patient’s specific needs and limitations. They help to treat patients with lower back pains, arthritis, the elderly, women patients, people with work related problems and strains. Osteopathy is suitable for everyone since it’s very gentle, safe and relies on the vast range of manual techniques.

L H Homeostasia - Cuidados de Saúde Lda
Rua Pedrouços 87-B 1400-287 Lisboa
Tel: 210 449 585
Homeostasia provide consultations in the fields of Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Functional Clinical Nutrition. Dr. José Leitão Henriques, the clinic director is a member of American Academy of Osteopathy, Cranial Academy and European Federation of Osteopaths. The clinic ensures there is a balance and harmony within your body.

Core Clinic
Avenida da República 43, 1050-187 Lisboa
Tel: 218 244 801
Core Clinic gives special attention to the important function of the feet to support body weight and locomotion. It offers services to cure differing kind of diseases, injuries and deformities of the feet. The Podiatry consultation at Core Clinic also has a complementary diagnostic test - computerized digital pedigraphy - consisting of a support of the study plant, both in static and in dynamic, through a pressure platform.

Essentia Health
819 Main Street Lisbon, ND 58054
Tel: 701-683-4134
You don’t have to live with foot and ankle pain. Whether you are experiencing pain as a result of disease, injury or simply wearing uncomfortable shoes, podiatrists at Essentia Health–Lisbon Clinic can help get you on track to feeling better. Podiatrists and senior foot care specialist at Essentia Health see people for a wide range of issues, from ingrown toenails to ankle sprains to diabetic foot ulcers. They are trained to diagnose and treat conditions, provide preventative education, and custom fit orthotics.

Centro Quiropratico
Praça Duque de Saldanha, Edifício Atrium Saldanha, 8ªM(a)1050-094 Lisboa
Tel: 917 002 200
Centro Quiropratico is a healthcare team to look for if you need more energy, less pain and better quality of life. They exist to provide you a unique experience that will allow you to live your life fully, with more power, more strength, more quiet, less pain. They are dedicated to health and well-being of the patients, elderly travellers needing chiropractic care and their families are sure to receive warmth, friendliness and a positive spirit that will make them feel at ease from the first minute. They are committed to helping people of all ages to improve their health, fitness and live a better quality of life.

1Life Wellness Centers
Campo Grande, 2, R/c Esq. 1700-092 Lisboa
Tel: 00351 21 793 63 84
1Life Wellness Centers aid in the correction of vertebral subluxations to allow the body to have a better function not only the structural and mechanical level, by facilitating symptomatic reduction, but also and more importantly allowing the nervous system to better align and balance. Spinal manipulation therapy through chiropractic therapy improves the function of the nervous system, reduces pain and serves as a preventative treatment for general health and well being.

Lisboa Physio
Avenue Frei Miguel Contreiras No. 18 1700-211 Lisboa
Tel: 91 816 44 17
Lisboa Physio has been in the area of physiotherapy in Portugal since 2006. They consist of a qualified health professional team that provides patients the best possible techniques and methods of a multidisciplinary team. They are open 24/7 to provide treatment opportunities for extended hours to meet individual patient’s needs. In addition to the service of users in office they make intervention in Sport (in sports), antenatal physiotherapy home care (home of users or workplace), support in homes and nursing homes, as well as intervention in the community.

Nova Physio
Rua António Albino Machado, No. 35B 1600-145 Lisboa
Tel: 217265425
Nova Physio offers the highest standard of physical therapy services, personalized and unique, provided by a highly qualified team. They dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the pathology of locomotor (myo-tendinous and osteo-articular), with special focus on postural correction techniques and in industrial and sports injuries.

United States Avenue, 2C / 2E 1700-174 Lisbon, Portugal
Tel: 217 279 000
Fisiogaspar is distinguished by the experience gained from over 10 years of work. Each patient receives a personalised treatment of manual therapies with no limitations of time, space or resources. They have spacious and versatile facilities that deliver innovative complementary treatments such as adaptation to Sports gesture, Postural Correction (with Global Postural Reeducation or Performance Classes Postural) and Biofeedback.


Portugal is considered to be pretty safe for travellers, however just like any other countries out there, some cases of pickpockets and other forms of theft do occur. As such, tourists are advised to take caution when they to travel to a new location and the same can also be said with regards to Portugal. Here are some tips you can use for protecting yourself & your valuables.

Pickpocket cases are reported on a frequent basis in Portugal. As such, travelers are advised to heed pickpocket warnings and don’t take these signs for granted. The government has taken the necessary measures in providing tourist warning signs encouraging them to stay alert in certain areas in an effort to reduce the occurrence of pickpocket cases.

One area in particular where pickpockets thrive is the riding trams. The reason behind this is that trams are favored by visiting tours and tourists as they generally run full to capacity and are constantly stopping and starting – all of distractions that make a pickpocket’s job very easy, turning it into a preferable location by pickpockets. Are tourists left powerless with such incidents?

As mentioned earlier, pickpocket does not happen exclusively in Portugal but also around the world. It is very important that travelers plan in advance and learn how to avoid pickpockets in Europe when they are planning on visiting the country. There are many things you can do to deter yourself from becoming a pickpocketing victim. This includes identifying who the pickpockets are, finding where pickpockets hangout, knowing the tricks pickpockets use to take your stuff as well as having an overview on who do pickpockets target. It should be noted that this information not only applies in Portugal but also can also be implemented on your next travels.

One general advice tourists often receive is to travel light and avoid carrying excess baggage. If there indeed is a need to carry such items, travelers are advised to leave all of their important belongings in their respective hotel room. This in turn helps avoid the likelihood of them losing important documents and papers which can be problematic to lose during their travels.

Another helpful tip is to consider travelling in groups. Pickpockets feel more intimidated when they see tourists travelling in large groups when compared to a lone solo traveler. As such, they will less likely avoid pick pocketing these people to avoid getting mobbed by their group and are more likely to target an isolated person instead.

Keys oftentimes become bulky as they tend to accumulate and grow in numbers making it troublesome to carry around at all times. The likes of master key system allow tourists single key to access all of their locks making them quite convenient to bring. The key comes with a restricted master key system which helps eliminates the possibility of keys being duplicated without your authority - adding the much needed extra level of security to your property in an event that your key gets stolen. This in turn helps give travelers a good measure of security during their travels. Furthermore, a huge load was taken off their backs as they don’t have to feel constant pressure when their key gets lost as they are able to deactivate them with ease.

  1. Claire’s

World’s leading ear piercing specialist, Claire provides a wide variety of youth-oriented jewelry & hair accessories to their customers on a regular basis.

  1. Torres

Torres is home to a number of men’s watches ranging from different noteworthy brands such as Graham, Chopard, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Rapport and many more.

  1. Cork and Co

Cork and Co produces unique and one of a kind jewelry from necklaces, earrings to bracelets made from made from cork which is the bark extracted from the cork oak tree.

  1. Swarovski

Customers will find jewelry, accessories, and decorative items for the home, ornaments, and figurines Swarovski designs that is created, and marketed in high-quality crystal product collections.

  1. Montblanc

Montblanc provides a variety of gift ideas to their clients while not limiting themselves to jewelry. The store offers gifts for both men and women, writing instruments, watches, leather goods and the likes that are available right from the get go.

  1. Pandora

This store offers diverse options with the jewelry that they are showcasing. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and even necklaces and pendants, customers have the free option to choose between silver and gold as its base material.

  1. Tous

Wonderful gift ideas sorted in a well organized manner can be found by customers upon their visit at Tous. This in turn allows customers to find what they need with regards to jewels, watches and other collections right away.

  1. Parfois

It’s easy to find great deals and new items in store at Parfois. The store showcases new collections, week best sellers as well as fresh prints & textures that are available right from the start.

  1. Tom Glow

Tom Glow caters to needs of both men and woman alike showcasing a variety of products that is in store. This in turn allows, encourages just about anyone to come and visit their shop.

  1. Michael Kors

Michael Kors keeps their selection fresh providing holiday themed designs for the items that they are offering. As such, customers will be able to find the hottest and latest trends available at their store with ease.

  1. David Rosas

David Rosas offers an in depth search option for the products that they are offering. Customers can sort jewelry by type, brand, collections, or by material and a number of results come up just within a matter of seconds. As a result, a huge amount of time is saved by customers when looking for particular jewelry of choice.

  1. Mimata

Mimata provides jewelry collection with varying categories. Customers will find stars, crowns, empress, rome and sun with the jewelries that they are showcasing as well as themes ranging from hearts, paloma, mango and cocktail that is available for viewing over their website.

Portugal is indeed home to a variety of jewelry stores producing the best and top of the line jewelry customers are looking for. With that being said, aside from jewelry, Lisbon is also home to a number of noteworthy attractions tourist should not miss checking during their visit. This includes a modern aquarium at Oceanário de Lisboa, an iconic landmark found at Castelo de São Jorge, a variety of museums such as Museu do Design e da Moda and Núcleo Arqueológico and a lot more that is just too many to mention.